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Islandmagee Shipwrecks and Dive Sites

  • The Islandmagee area plays host to probably the best and most varied Shipwrecks & Dive Sites in Ireland.  Visibility in the summer months would average around 10m and on a good day up to 15m – 20m.
  • With wrecks dating back to 1781, Hunter Rock and the Maidens Rocks are the final resting places for lots of unfortunate ships of yesteryear.  Almost all of the wrecks around the Islandmagee Coast and Belfast Lough lie in less than 30m of water and are accessible to most divers.
  • Shipwrecks in the Belfast Lough area are much more intact due to their sheltered location.  Some of the older ones are beginning to break up over the past few years uncovering new and interesting things to see.
  • If wreck diving is not for you there are some great drop offs & scenic-dives around the Maidens Rocks, or enjoy a leisurely drift dive along the Islandmagee Coast where you can see stunning Cuckoo Wrasse, Lobster, Crab & Scallops and many other sea creatures.                                  
  • All wreck diving can be hazardous and should only be carried out by properly trained divers.  Even your bubbles can dislodge loose material above divers.

Be careful and enjoy the excellent diving on our doorstep.


All our Divers Receive a Full Safety/Orientation Brief before entering the water

The Most Popular Shipwrecks Include:

  • “State of Louisiana” 1,800 Ton Liner Wrecked 1878 (21m)

  •  “Zetland” 715 Ton Steamship Wrecked 1898 (5-34m)

  • “Albia” 1,806 Ton Steamship Wrecked 1929 (5-24m)

  • “Smuggling Cutter” 250 Tons Wrecked 1781 (16m)

  • “Sumatra” 1,649 Ton Full Rigged Ship Wrecked 1882 (5-24m)

  •  “Druid” Clyde Puffer Foundered 1905 (40-44m)

  • “Tiberia” 4,880 Ton Cargo Liner Torpedoed 1918 (46-63m)

  • “Chirippo” 4,050 Ton Cargo Liner Torpedoed 1917 (15-29m)

  • “Rose” 213 Ton Armed Trawler Mined 1917 (21-27m)

  • “Lagan” 364 Ton Steamship Collision 1946 (27-34m)

  • “Karanan” 395 Ton Dutch Motor Coaster Collision 1942 (38-43m)

  • “Ulrica” 1,972 Ton Full Rigged Ship Wrecked 1897 (5-18m)

Please email for current tariff.

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